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Pet Portfolio

"There is something a little different that a pet photographer must possess in order to capture the bond between human and animal. It is a connection only an animal lover themselves could recognize. When I suspected the time with my blind, deaf, senior Cocker Spaniel might be nearing an end; Jenni, having recently lost her fur companion, did not hesitate to rearrange her full schedule and accommodate our needs, never treating her any less than a vital member of my family. One of the most painful aspects of losing any beloved pet is the emptiness felt by their absence. These final photos with Lady has offered me comfort even on the most difficult days following her passing. I can’t emphasize how important it is to choose a photographer that understands that this purchase is just as important as newborn or wedding photography. Entrusting Jenni, is a decision I will never regret. I will forever cherish the memories she created." ~ Amanda P

Rikki Harper

Oct 31, 2005 ~ Feb 10, 2017

Photo taken Jan 27, 2017

I truly speak from the heart when I talk about my pet photography. I love all the work I do with families and children, but pets are my passion.

A little back story:

My then 13 year old son wanted a puppy so I scoured Craigslist. I came across this older Shih Tzu that was being rehomed. I had once owned a Tzu and I really loved the breed. Although my son was set on a puppy I convinced him to meet this older dog. Once he held Rikki, Kamden's heart melted and he caved. We brought Rikki home. Kamden loved him but, being a teenager, he was not home most of the day so Rikki would come to work with me. Naturally, I bonded with him more so he soon became my dog. He was honestly my best friend. My boys got older and moved out on their own, so it was just me and Rikki. We traveled and went almost everywhere together. One day I got in a new backdrop that I wanted to quickly display to my clients. I set it up in my room, put a little bowtie on Rikki and he happily posed for me like he always did. I captured an adorable photo of my sweet friend. I shared it on my business page and ordered an 8x10 for myself. Exactly two weeks later my boy would be gone. It happened so quickly, his health deteriorated over night. I had to say goodby as I held him in my arms. It was the hardest decision I ever made. A few days later I had a Fedex package at my door, nothing out of the ordinary  I am always ordering prints for clients. But when I opened the box, the first thing I saw was my sweet boys face looking up at me. I totally forgot I ordered his 8x10. Yes, it was hard to see, but I was so happy I captured this image, not just a grainy image on my cell phone, but a beautiful memory of my Rikki.

I'm sorry if my story made you sad, but I want to share the importance of having quality memories of our 4 legged family members. Not just at the end but throughout their time with you. I had Rikki for 6 years and that was the only portrait I had taken of him with my DSLR camera, not just my cell phone. And it was the only image that I could print larger than a 5x7. I now have three dogs and make a point to take them out often to take photos with my "good" camera. They are my family.

From puppies & kittens to seniors, let me capture their personality.

What are you waiting for?

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