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You MAY Need a Gate Code, and I might not be able to answer text or calls as I could be in a session.

My studio is located in a Commercial Park, Barton Storage. Yes, it does look like you are coming into a storage facility. Trust me, you are in the right place ;)

The facility has two gate entrances... Gate A located on Thornhill Rd, and Gate B on Recker Hwy. 

Gate B is ONLY open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Sometimes the ficility does not adhere to these percise times. I'm sorry, I have ZERO control over this.

Weekends, weekdays after 5, or if Gate B happens to be closed, you will need to enter through Gate A.

Use code 6654# to enter Gate A

If entering through Gate B, my studio is the very first building on your left.

If entering through Gate A, drive all the way around to the very back, it will be the very last building on your right. 

1937 Barton Park Rd

Suite 3701

Auburndale, FL  33823

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